Youth @ Promise


Empowering and educating the youth by assuming a holistic approach geared towards the development of the mind, body and soul, in preparation for service in the church and community.


The New Hope Youth Department embraces a vision parallel to that of the wider body. While the church’s vision is “Gaining Souls for the Kingdom through Evangelism, Restoration and Empowerment”, the youth department seeks to appeal and attract youths by being innovative and creative in the presentation of programs that are Biblically based, fun-filled, practical and applicable to real life situations.

The youth department also seeks to establish itself as the breeding ground and source from which the various Ministries of the church can to turn for the filling of vacancies. In light of this concept, the youths are therefore taught and nurtured in preparation for a smooth transition at the appointed time. This is accomplished by consistently inculcating the principle of soul winning into the minds of the youth in line with the church’s vision.

In addition, the youth department serves as a support structure capable of providing the frame work that promotes Godly living, spiritual growth and development and character building. This will prepare our children (tweens), teens and young adult to cope with peer pressure and the challenges that they will encounter.

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